4 Fun Taffy Facts From Around The World

Posted on: 27 May 2021

Taffy is a classic candy treat that has been around for multiple decades. When you shop for taffy candy, you will find a lot of unique styles, flavors, and sizes. The taffy you purchase from one location could be completely different from another. While you browse online for taffy options, learn some fun facts about the candy to know exactly what you're getting.

Taffy Names In Philadelphia

The New Jersey area is known for the start of the salt water taffy craze, but the nearby city of Philadelphia did not catch on so quickly. If you shop for taffy in the Philadelphia area, store clerks may confuse your request with lollipops. The city of Philadelphia has a lot of unique slang and the term "taffy" is used for lollipop.

If you want to order true taffy candy, then refer to the treats as "salt-water taffy".

Taffy Apples

In the fall, caramel apples are a common treat in the United States, and in some regions, you may order a treat named "Taffy Apple". A taffy apple includes a chewy caramel topping but is not true taffy. The name comes from a long history of different candy stores referring to caramel chews as taffy.

Despite having a similar consistency, caramel chews have no similarities to traditional salt-water taffy. On the other hand, you can find apple-flavored salt-water taffy if you want to combine the flavors together.

Taffy in the United Kingdom

Taffy seems to be a name exclusive to North America. Overseas, taffy is known by several different names. In the United Kingdom, you would find taffy under the name "fruit chews". The basic name is often shortened even further to "chews" in different locations.

You can find name brands of taffy, but the packaging will often exclude the taffy word and replace it with "chew".

Taffy in Canada

Canada has traditional salt-water taffy-like the United States, but every year they release a special taffy around Halloween. Known as Hallowe'en Kisses, the taffy is made with a molasses base and is often chewier than traditional taffy. The candy pieces were often packaged in unique wrappers, including witches, pumpkins, and skeletons.

The treat is a classic and isn't given out as often as it used to be, but can still be ordered and is even found year-round. The Hallowe'en Kisses have a caramel flavor base, but some spin-off flavors include apple and candy corn.

Use these facts to order some taffy candy and find some new flavors to try.