• Six Compelling Reasons Why You Should Wear Or Carry Amber

    Amber is a captivating golden colored resin that hardens over the course of many years, becoming a translucent stone that is believed to have metaphysical and holistic health properties. Amber pieces may often contain fossilized insects or plant-life, trapped before the resin had time to harden; these specimens are considered particularly alluring, with magical virtues. Originating in the Baltic region, archaeologists have discovered amber stones dating back around 2000 BC, including in King Tut's tomb, further reinforcing these perceived benefits of amber:
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  • Buying A Leather Bag Online? Here's How To Make Sure You Don't End Up Disappointed

    A quality leather bag offers versatility, durability, and superior strength that surpasses most of the materials on the market. And because leather bags are made from a natural material, you can feel good about your carbon footprint when owning one. Buying a new leather bag online can save you some money and time over shopping at your local brick and mortar stores, but you'll have to do some due diligence to ensure that your purchase doesn't disappoint in the end.
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