Six Compelling Reasons Why You Should Wear Or Carry Amber

Posted on: 28 December 2017

Amber is a captivating golden colored resin that hardens over the course of many years, becoming a translucent stone that is believed to have metaphysical and holistic health properties. Amber pieces may often contain fossilized insects or plant-life, trapped before the resin had time to harden; these specimens are considered particularly alluring, with magical virtues. Originating in the Baltic region, archaeologists have discovered amber stones dating back around 2000 BC, including in King Tut's tomb, further reinforcing these perceived benefits of amber:

Make you feel braver. Wearing amber jewelry or keeping amber stones around you can help clear phobias or reduce fears. Amber provides a sense of confidence and courage in many who wear it. This may be an effective way to overcome phobias for many who believe in the therapeutic benefits of metaphysical and alternative treatment models.

Provide you with psychic protection. Amber is lauded for its metaphysical properties for psychic protection. This is a stone frequently used and worn by mediums, clairvoyants, and others that want to channel their energy without the risk of picking-up negative or malevolent energies, in the process. Amber oils may also provide favorable results, too. 

Amber has healing properties. Amber stones contribute to holistic health and well-being, and the electromagnetic quality of this fossilized resin can build up an electrical charge that aids in topical healing. Amber is connected to the sacral chakra, which means wearing it promotes health in the lower-abdomen region. Wear amber to relieve gastrointestinal distress or illness. 

Wearing amber helps reduce stress. It is said that amber can help to clear the mind and reduce your stress or anxiety when worn. This can contribute to improvement in mood and relief from depression. Give the gift of amber to a senior in your life to help combat age-related mood disorders.

Get rid of negative emotional energy. Use amber when meditating to balance emotions and to get rid of any negative energy. Amber provides the chance to 'clean your slate' emotionally, which can be quite freeing.

Amber may improve creativity. Many believe that amber aids in artistry and enhancing creativity. Amber can inspire and help artists, craftsmen, or DIYers.

Give amber the chance to help, heal, and protect you; consider wearing amber stones, pendants, and jewelry to take advantage of what this mystical stone offers. Visit jewelers and gemstone experts to find the perfect pieces to complement your lifestyle and bring therapeutic benefits. For more information, contact companies like Amber International.