Not Feeling Well? Why You Should Grab Your Headphones & Listen to Music

Posted on: 14 January 2015

Not all music is created equal. There are some great music that really gets you motivated like the music that is created by your favorite band, and then there is some music that does not motivate you as much. What you may not realize is that research has shown that there are some real benefits of listening to the right types of music.  The right type of music can benefit you mentally, and well as physically. With a set of headphones, you can take your music anywhere you go.

From Birth to Death Music Can Benefit You

Have you ever watched children's shows, and realized that a lot of the learning is set to catchy tunes that seem to get stuck in your head once you have heard them a time or two. This is not done accidentally. Various studies have shown that when children are exposed to certain types of music at an early age, the music helps to improve the verbal, communication, as well as visual skills. The great news is, the benefits of music do not stop in your youth.

Engaging in musical training, or listening to music as you age, can help lead to better mental agility, and memory. It has been shown that those who have had musical training, and playing an instrument for at least 10 years, were able to better maintain their cognitive abilities. When exposure to music was continued after the age of 60, seniors showed higher levels of sustained nonverbal cognitive abilities. 

Music Can Change Your Mood

Have you ever been sad, or depressed, and turned on some upbeat music that you were able to sing along with? You may have noticed that a short time later your mood had lightened, and you no longer felt as blue as you did prior to listening to the music.  

Upbeat music is not the only thing that can change your mood. Listening to slow, or blue music when your mood is low, can help you feel that there are those who can relate to what you are going through. This helps you feel that you are not going through your situation alone. 

Music Can Improve Your Health

If you are looking for ways to strengthen your heart, or are looking for ways to improve your recovery time from various forms of heart disease, look no further than music. The endorphins that music releases into your brain are directly related to your vascular health.

Not only have patients who listened to music during, or following, heart procedures have shown to have a lower blood pressure, and slower heart rates, the patients also were less anxious, and reported that they felt less pain than those who had not been exposed to the music.

Music Can Reduce Your Stress

Having a bad day? All you have to do is pull out your headphones, put on your favorite music and take a long walk. You will not only benefit from the endorphins that the exercises release in your body, but those that the music release in your brain. If you choose a slower beat to walk to, it has been shown that it can create brainwave activity that is similar to when you are engaged in meditation.

Not only will this help to relieve your stress, but may also help you relieve other health symptoms that you may have. These are just a few ways that music will benefit you.

Why Use Your Headphones?

By playing your music over your headphones, you will have access to music that is located on your smartphone, MP3 player, or any other device that has Bluetooth connectivity. You will get a clear sound, without having to deal with the hassle of cords. This will not only allow you to take your music more places, it will allow you more freedom while you are listening. That in itself will make you feel better. For more information, use resources such as