Install And Maintain Vending Equipment

Posted on: 6 July 2023

The manner in which you install and maintain your new vending equipment may have a bearing on how long your investments last. Use the following tips to support a secure installation and care plan.

A High Traffic Area

Vending equipment is best suited for use in high-traffic areas. By installing equipment in a spot where employees and patrons tend to congregate, you will reduce the risk of someone attempting to break into the machines.

Select one or more areas within your business that are well-suited for installing new vending machines. Upon doing so, measure the amount of space that you have for new equipment. Research drink machines, snack machines, and combination units that are adequately sized and designed to hold drinks and/or snacks. 

Equipment Features

After you have selected a vending machine supplier to purchase equipment from, review the safety features that vending machines are equipped with. Vending machine suppliers may sell equipment that contains safety glass, anti-theft devices, and other features that will deter theft.

Anti-fog glass and built-in lighting that vending equipment features will make beverages and snacks visible to your patrons. Anti-fog glass is suited for use in areas where humidity levels fluctuate. Built-in lighting will allow patrons to see what type of merchandise you are selling, even if the vending equipment is installed in a dimly lit area.

Surveillance Cameras and Remote Monitoring

Surveillance cameras that can be monitored remotely will keep a close eye on the movement that occurs around the vending equipment. The presence of cameras may minimize the threat of damage to equipment too.

Shop for surveillance cameras that can be anchored above the new vending machines.

Wait for the vending machines to be installed first. Then, hire a technician to set up the camera equipment. Once the equipment has been programmed, implement a surveillance monitoring plan that involves reviewing footage remotely.

Vending Machine Supplies

Once you have begun using the vending equipment for a while, you will be accustomed to needing to refill the vending equipment at scheduled times. Shop for the supplies needed to restock the vending machines. A wholesale merchandiser may sell products in bulk that are priced reasonably.

Designate an area to store the surplus inventory that you purchase. If you often need to add a lot of products to the vending machines, purchase a hand cart to assist with transporting the supplies that will be needed to restock the machines.

Contact a local company to learn more about vending machine installation.