3 Ways To Bring The Health Benefits Of Nature To Your Home

Posted on: 10 February 2015

A weekend getaway to the mountains can leave you feeling refreshed and healthy. Being in nature can reduce your stress and help prevent depression. Unfortunately, many Americans are too busy to get away for the weekend. If your schedule has you packed to the minute, there are some ways you can bring the health benefits of the mountains directly into your home. 

Use A Himalayan Salt Lamp To Counteract Your Electronics 

If you have seen the growing popularity of buying Himalayan salt lamps, you might wonder why people are choosing to decorate their homes with large pieces of salt. Besides the unique look of each lamp and the soft, pleasant light it emits, it also produces a high amount of negative ions. 

Negative ions occur in nature when molecules in air are moved and broken apart by wind, waterfalls, and other natural features. Salt lamps produce them when a thin layer of condensation on the lamp is vaporized by the low heat of the lamp. Most electronics, on the other hand, positively charge the air in your home. A large Himalayan salt lamp can create an oasis of negative ions in a single room, such as a bedroom, or create a neutral environment in your living room or office. 

A study at Columbia University has found that negative ions can reduce depression in those with seasonal or long term depression. They do this by helping you produce more serotonin, which regulates mood, appetite, and the cycle of your energy levels. 

Decorate With An Indoor Herb Garden 

Many aspects of modern decorating demand a clean, minimal appearance inside your home. While this can lead to more efficiency and less stress due to clutter, there is one thing you should not get rid of. You should definitely keep your herb garden or indoor decorative plants. 

Plants create a slew of positive effects in humans. These include reduced healing time when you are sick, an increased amount of compassion for those you live with, a lower risk of depression, and better overall energy levels. Live plants also purify the air you breath by producing oxygen, so don't be afraid to keep a little dirt and some plants inside your living environment. 

Purchase a UV Lamp 

Vitamin D is known as the sunshine vitamin because your body naturally produces it in response to the UV rays of direct sunlight. It is important in regulating the absorption of calcium and other minerals that are necessary for the maintenance of strong bones and teeth. It also helps boost your general immunity and reduces your risk for heart disease. Perhaps this is why most sanitariums are constructed in very sunny locations. 

Unfortunately, living in the city and spending a significant amount of time indoors can greatly reduce the amount of vitamin D you produce, especially during the winter. There are several ways you can increase your vitamin D levels, such as eating vitamin D rich foods and taking supplements. UV lamps have been shown to be an effective way for people who cannot absorb vitamin D orally to increase their vitamin D intake. As an added bonus, they provide the spectrum of light that your indoor plants need to survive. 

Although there is no substitute that will be as effective as spending quality time in nature, there are several things you can do to bring the benefits of nature into your daily life. If you add adequate daily exercise and a balance diet to these three changes in your home, you will likely notice improvement in your overall health and well-being. However, if you have immediate health concerns you should contact your doctor before implementing these changes.