Improve Health And Performance Among Office Employees With These Supply Organization Tips

Posted on: 27 August 2015

As a business owner, supplying your office employees with work supplies is a necessity to meet performance requirements. The problem with office supplies is they're easy to misplace and they can quickly disorganize a workspace. While they don't seem like a big deal, the truth is that office supplies can have an impact on the health and performance on your employees as they work through their day. Here's what some of the most pressing challenges are and how you can go about making improvements:

Assign Supplies

An effective way to keep things organized is to assign the important office supplies to employees so they can be kept at their desks and used when needed. You can provide the supplies a week or a month ahead of time to help control how many supplies are being issued, which will help you gain some perspective about who is making good use of their supplies and who seems to be wasting or mismanaging them. You'll find assigning just the supplies used by employees on a daily basis, such as pens and staples, you can cut down on supply costs and office clutter.

Make Storage Airy

Stacking paper products and boxed supplies in cabinets is a surefire way to collect dust and small particles of debris which can result in health issues (such as running noses, itchy eyes, and irritated throats) among employees and limit their ability to get to work on time and perform effectively. You can avoid the buildup of dust by using wire rack shelves that stand free on desks and floors or can be attached the walls as floating shelves.

This will allow the paper supplies to breathe as they're stored to eliminate mold occurrence and minimize available hiding spaces for dust and debris. This will also make it easy for employees to quickly find what they need without having to dig through closets and cabinets, as well as ease the task of managing your office supply stock.

Minimize Paperwork

A great way to keep employees organized and to support effective performance is to minimize the need for paperwork as much as possible by converting things like sales reports, time cards, statistic sheets, and memos into digital formats so employees can access, create, share, and compare it all with the click of a button.

Programs like Microsoft Excel are pretty easy to use, and the day or two it would take to make sure everyone is trained to use your program of choice will more than pay for itself with the savings of office supplies you create. You may even find that some of your employees are savvy enough to put together virtual worktables, spreadsheets, and reports that meet the specific needs of your office's workflow.

Centralize the Manuals

Instead of giving each individual employee manuals for the workflows within your business, print out master manuals and located them in a centralized area of the office so that employees can share them. This will cut down on office supply costs, keep things uncluttered and organized, and provide your employees with an opportunity to practice team work by sharing their resources with one another.

You can always make your manuals available in digital format and keep a hard copy of each one on hand for special needs if there are a lot of people working together on complicated projects that require the reference of manuals and resources regularly. This will cut down on mistakes and paper while ensuring that employees get all the support they need to do their jobs properly.

These techniques may take a little getting used to by employees around the office, but within just a couple of weeks things should be working smoothly for everyone involved.