3 Types Of Glass Cleaner – Which Do You Need For The Task At Hand?

Posted on: 21 May 2018

With so many types of glass cleaner available, how do you know what to buy and use? Will one type of glass cleaner work better for one job than another? Is one type safer for use on certain things than another? Here, you'll find some basic information that will help you choose the right glass cleaner for the job at hand.

Traditional Blue Glass Cleaner

The multipurpose traditional blue glass cleaner typically contains ammonia. Ammonia is safe to use on many materials, but it can be very damaging to wood.

If you are cleaning windows with wooden frames, glass on furniture that's trimmed in wood, or glass that is above wood where the cleaner can drip down on it, you should find a different option to clean your glass.

This is the cleaner to use if you are trying to clean cigarette and cigar smoke off of windows. The ammonia helps to break down the build-up of nicotine and tar that is caked on the glass.

White Vinegar Natural Glass Cleaner

Many all-natural glass cleaners include white vinegar in their ingredients. White vinegar is one of the most used cleaners for all types of surfaces.

This is the cleaner to choose when you're cleaning glass surrounded by wood. White vinegar is safe for use on wood. In fact, many cleaning companies use white vinegar and water to clean even the most expensive hardwood floors.

Foaming Glass Cleaner

Foaming glass cleaner is the perfect choice when cleaning windows that are very dirty. You can spray the foam cleaner on the glass and let it sit for a few moments without it running off of the glass. Think about how long it takes you to get the toothpaste off of your bathroom mirror. Instead of having to chip it off with your fingernail, you can spray the foam glass cleaner all over the mirror, go do something else for a few minutes, come back and wipe the mirror clean. The foaming cleaner will have softened the toothpaste enough to allow it to come off with limited effort on your part.

Take your time to look into the different options of glass cleaner. You may find that you've been working harder than you need to just because you aren't using the best product for the task at hand. Maybe, your next round of spring cleaning will be easier for you if you choose some new cleaning products.

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