Beyond The Blue: Extra Protection You Will Want For Your First Detail

Posted on: 8 September 2018

One of the most important things you will want to do as a first year rookie on the police department is to know what extra supplies you will want to get for your first tour. There are certain things that will be provided. The essentials such as a firearm, a radio, and the regular accouterments will all be accounted for. However, it is still your duty to find things that you should be in need for and might not be available for you when you actually start the job. Some of the things that you might want are not going to be provided and they might be very helpful. If you speak to police who have been on the job for several years you will see that you there are some items that are not issued by the brass and which you will want, so , here is a list of what you should be prepared to get before the first tour starts. 

Waterproof Notepads

Writing incident reports on wet paper is not a fun task. However, as a beat cop you should be prepared for anything. You can not deice that just because the weather is not good you are going to take the day off. The harsh reality is that you are dealing with a situation where you have to be on guard during all weather. If it happens to be raining, you have to be prepared to take notes during the downpour. One of the big problems with cheap notepads is that the paper simply will smudge away. The paper will get damp and then you are dealing with a notepad that is going to be filled with unintelligible scribbling run to ruin by rainwater. 

Tactical Flashlight

One of the most basic pieces of your everyday carry is a flashlight. Some departments will issue a strong flashlight, while others will not. One of the main reasons that you will want to get a tactical flashlight is that you will be able to use that flashlight as a defensive instrument. Many flashlights are simply useful as a means of illuminating the ground, but as a rookie cop you will want the ability to use that flashlight as a tactical instrument. So make sure to chose one that can double as that. 

Tactical Helmets

Finally you want to make sure your heads safe. It might seem an outrageous request, but it is nothing to laugh about. If yon are going to patrol in areas where riots are a potential likelihood, then you should spend the money on some really good riot gear. This can be stowed away in the car until it is necessary to put it on. Many police will simply head out into the fray without the proper equipment, but this is dangerous and can not only endanger themselves, it can endanger their partners. So, it is a good idea to have a good police tactical helmet in the trunk in the vent something serious pops off.