Ensure That Your Commercial Carpet Can Meet These Criteria

Posted on: 1 November 2018

There are many different types of flooring to use in an office, and each type has benefits that can be enticing. One option to always keep in mind is carpet. Carpet is available in so many different styles that you'll have no trouble finding a look that suits. When you shop for carpet for your office, ensure that you're focusing on commercial-grade carpet. It's different than residential carpet and will offer a number of perks that will benefit you. Here are some criteria that your commercial carpet should be able to meet.


Any carpet will wear to some degree over time, especially if people are walking on it steadily for years. However, many types of commercial carpet have anti-wear properties, which is ideal for your office. You don't want the carpet to wear in heavy-traffic areas, such as the hallways, and appear fresh and new in areas where people don't frequently step. When you browse different types of commercial carpet, look for those that boast their resistance to wear. Some carpet manufacturers will even offer warranties of different lengths that guarantee their carpets will remain free of visible wear.

Fade Resistant

Consider the layout of your office and the number of windows and glass doors. If you have an office in which there's a lot of natural light, you don't want the sun's ultraviolet rays fading the areas of your carpet with which they come in contact. Many commercial carpets are fade resistant and will not change color despite prolonged exposure to UV rays. This is ideal for the look of the carpet and, by extension, your office. You don't want large section of a dark carpet appearing noticeably lighter just because it's next to windows or a glass door.

Sweep Friendly

When you look at different types of commercial carpet, you'll often notice that some types are labeled as sweep friendly. In other words, you can sweep them to clean up small messes. While residential carpets rarely have this quality, given that they're usually thicker than commercial carpets, you want a sweep-friendly product for your office. It's easy for the carpet to get messy in a variety of ways, but you don't want someone to have to grab the vacuum every time he or she makes a mess. The vacuum will disrupt people in your place of work, whereas grabbing a broom and dustpan will not be a hindrance.

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