What To Include On Your Custom Soccer Jersey

Posted on: 26 July 2019

If you are in charge of your youth soccer team, and you need to create a new uniform for the team, it is important to know what you need to include on the jersey before you start the creation process.

Team Logo

With youth soccer teams, each team generally has fun team names as "Pink Lightning" or "Turbo Power." You need to choose a team name before you start the jersey design process. Once you have a team name, you are going to want to come up with a logo or design for the team name. You can use some basic design software to come up with a cool font for the team name and a neat little graphic for the team logo. You can also hire someone online to design the name and logo for you as well.

On youth soccer jerseys, the team logo and name generally goes on the front of the jersey.


If your team has sponsors, it is traditional to feature the sponsors on the jersey. However, you need to check the rules of your youth soccer league to make sure this is allowed. If they will not allow you to put the sponsor name on the jersey, you may want to put your sponsor names on the kid's soccer bags or on a tent you set up on the sidelines for team games.

Sponsor names generally either go on the back bottom of the jersey or on the sleeves.

Child's Name

Go through and check the spelling of each child's name. When getting custom jerseys, you can get the child's name put on the back of the jersey, above their number. You will need to make sure their name is spelled correctly and associated with the right number.

Once again, check with the youth league and make sure that it is okay to put the children's name on the jersey; some clubs allow this and other clubs do not.


One of the most defining features of jerseys should be a number on the back. The number needs to be large and easy to read.

When designing a soccer jersey for a youth soccer team, you need a design for the team name and logo to use on the front of the jersey. The back of the jersey is where the child's name, number, and sponsorship goes. For a really nice look, be sure to purchase matching shorts as well. You can put a smaller version of the team logo on the bottom of the shorts.

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