Are You An Angler? Why You Should Wear A Microfiber Shirt

Posted on: 10 October 2019

If you are an angler, it is important that you wear the right clothes. This is because you likely are on the water for long periods of time. One type of shirt that is a great choice is a microfiber fishing shirt. A microfiber shirt is made from a type of synthetic polyester and is very lightweight. Below are three benefits of choosing this type of shirt.

Offers Sun Protection

Microfiber shirts have sun protection built in, but you should also wear sunscreen on your skin to keep yourself well protected from the sun's harmful rays. When looking at these shirts look at the UPF (ultraviolet protection factor) rating. The higher the number the more sun protection the shirt offers.

UPF is not the same as SPF (sun protection factor), as SPF measures only the UVB (ultraviolet B) sun blockage, and UPF measures both the UVB and UVA (ultraviolet A). This also protects microfiber shirts from fading due to the sun.

Keeps Moisture Away

Microfiber shirts are very comfortable to wear as they are soft and breathable. Along with this, microfiber shirts will keep moisture away from your skin. This is great for fishing as you never know when you will get water on you when you catch fish. Also, microfiber shirts will keep your skin dry if it rains while you are fishing.

Having wet skin can be very uncomfortable, especially when the wetness is due to the shirt you are wearing. This way the shirt will stick to you until it dries so it may affect your fishing.

Prevents Odors

Microfiber cloth will also prevent you from having odors. For example, if you spend a long day fishing you could easily start sweating, especially if the temperatures are high. Even if you put deodorant on before you left after hours of being on the water the deodorant may not last.

If you sweat in any other areas, such as down your back or front, this can also cause an odor to build up. Also, when regular shirts get wet due to rain or the water from the fish you catch, this can also bring up odors on the clothing.

Talk with a salesperson about microfiber fishing shirts and they can help you choose what would work best for you. You will find these shirts in both long and short sleeves so you can wear them throughout the fishing season.

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