3 Types Of USS Enterprise Model Kits

Posted on: 27 May 2021

The signature ship from the Star Trek franchise is the USS Enterprise. If you want to build a model of the ship, you have a lot of options to choose from. Knowing the different types available will help you make the best decision and guide you in the right direction. You may seek an easy build or one that presents more challenges.

1. Snap & Build Kits

If you've never built a model project before, then seek out a snap-and-build model kit. The pieces are already colored, so no paint is required. The set is designed to snap together as well, so no glue is required. The kits may have various part amounts, so read the product description to know how many are included.

With the kit, you follow the directions and snap pieces together like a 3D puzzle. The kit is an ideal introduction to the world of vehicle models and will create an accurate replica of the USS Enterprise from Star Trek.

2. Paint & Glue Sets

If you seek out a little more challenge, then look for an unpainted model kit with glued parts. The painting process adds a lot more detail to the kit, and kits may contain many more parts that glue together, as opposed to just snapping into place. For example, you may build the whole cockpit area of the USS Enterprise.

When you paint, you can choose a traditional brush-style color scheme, or use more advanced techniques like spray painting. The more advanced process gives you a lot of options when you create the ship.

3. Light Kits

Some of the more advanced USS Enterprise model kits include electronic elements like light kits. The kits feature electronic panels to wire and connect lights to multiple parts of the ship. The LED lights represent the same lights used when the ship is on-screen. Instead of just painting the lights on, each one is attached and connected to a battery-operated connector.

The light kit is an ideal way to expand your model-building skills. The final product is ideal for display, and a switch can activate the lights. A light kit is typically used with a paint and glue set, but can also be found with snapped sets as well. Sometimes light kits are included with the full kit or purchased as a separate add-on item.

With this information, you can shop and decide on the best options for your skill level and desire. Look for model kits, like a USS Enterprise model kit, from a local hobby store.