Learn About The Graduation Stole

Posted on: 13 December 2021

Graduation is a very special day. Not only is it a special day for graduates, it's also important to the families of the graduates. Some graduates are expected to carry on the successful legacies of those family members who graduated before them, and doing so is a significant goal set upon them that they have achieved. Other graduates may hold the honor of being the first in their family to graduate, and this is a day their whole family will want to celebrate with them.

The graduation ceremony is also one where there are traditions enjoyed by the educational institute, the graduates, and their guests. One of these traditions has to do with the wearing of graduation stoles worn over the shoulders of those who have earned special achievements. You can learn more about graduation stoles by reading the information about them detailed here: 

The significance of the graduation stole

The graduation stole signifies a student's special achievements in academics or in extracurricular activities. High school graduates who would wear the graduation stole may include the commencement speakers or the valedictorians, for example. Also, the stole can be worn to represent the graduate's success in drama, science, foreign language, math, and more. College and university graduates can also wear the stole to indicate their involvement in a student club, a fraternity, or a sorority. 

The design of the graduation stole

The graduation stole Usually has a maximum width of about five inches. It is long and is worn around the back of the neck with the ends coming across the shoulders in the front and the ends going around the bottom of the gown's sleeves. The stole is often designed using the school's colors. However, there are also stoles that are specific colors, depending on the field of study the graduate has completed. For example, orange is generally worn by students in all fields of engineering, whereas dark blue is typically worn by graduates of political science. 

The custom options for the graduation stole

Graduation stoles generally include text, and they can also have images on them. The graduate's achievements, honors, and even their name or initials can be displayed on the stole. Also, the school's seal, the graduation year, and anything else that is pertinent to the graduate can be included on the stole. The text and images can be screen printed on the stole, or they can be embroidered. The stole is an important piece of memorabilia to be cherished long after the graduate's special day.

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