A Quick Guide to Mineral Inclusions Found in Elite Shungite Stones

Posted on: 19 September 2022

Elite shungite stones are generally pure black in color, and every stone you purchase will feature a unique size and shape. When you purchase large elite shungite stones online, you may notice the stones feature small bands of different colors. The areas on the rock that have alternate colors are known as mineral inclusions.

Follow this quick guide to learn all about mineral inclusions, how they impact the rock, and what to look for when you spot mineral inclusions.

Identify Mineral Inclusions

When you examine a shungite stone, you will often see small spots or a thin line with a reddish brown color. In many cases, the mineral inclusions will look like veins that go through the stone. Some may extend across the length of the stone as one band while others may include short segments scattered across the rock.

You could purchase a shungite stone that looks like it has no mineral inclusions at all. Some are so small that you cannot see them right away, in which case an object like a magnifying glass is the best way to look at them.

Define Mineral Inclusions

The mineral inclusions are not added or manipulated on the elite shungite in any way. The alternate colors you see could be one of two minerals that form naturally. In most cases, the lines of color are from pyrite within the rock. The colors can also appear when the stone includes iron oxide.

The deposits likely took place when the stones formed years and years ago. A seller cannot place the mineral inclusions inside the rock and you cannot request specific stones with or without the inclusions.

Use Mineral Inclusions

Elite shungite stones make ideal display pieces, but some people may choose to use the stones for water purification. Some people will place shungite stones in pitchers of water to help eliminate minerals or bacteria in the water. You can still use the shungite stones for water purification even if the stones have mineral inclusions.

The presence of additional minerals will not make a difference in the water purification process or change the taste of water in any way. Use the stones in the same way and do not try to chip or peel away at the inclusions. In many cases, if you broke a shungite in half, you could find more inclusions in the center of the rock.

Shop online to browse a wide range of Elite shungite stones. Some of the excitement that comes with an order is seeing what type of design and shape you will receive. The addition of mineral inclusions adds to the appearance and natural wonder found within the stones.