3 Types Of Timeless Toys To Shop For In Liquidation Sales

Posted on: 29 November 2022

If you like to buy and sell toys through an online shop or brick-and-mortar store, then you want to collect products that will fly off shelves rather than collect dust. One way to help build your inventory of toys is through liquidation sales. A liquidation sale offers direct access to toy sales and the ability to make bulk purchases. 

As you browse various toys for sale, you can find a lot of timeless options. Timeless toys have lasted for multiple generations and can help you sell toys in the future. Check out some of the more timeless toys to look for the next time you browse liquidation items for sale.

1. Toy Cars

For multiple decades, toy cars have been a staple in toy rows at stores. Small toy cars may have a cheap retail price, but when you purchase them in bulk, you could make a little profit on each car. Larger toy cars make ideal gifts for younger kids. Some of the cars may feature electronic elements like sirens or lights.

Toy cars will also include remote control cars. Remote control cars are another timeless toy where the technology has not advanced much in years. A basic remote control car sold in the 1990s would showcase much of the same technology as one sold in the 2000s.

2. Board Games

Board games have been around for multiple generations and a lot of the staple games have not shifted much from their basic elements. When you shop for board game liquidation lots, look for board games without any character or pop-culture references. For example, you don't want a version of Monopoly or Clue with a pop-culture property that feels dated.

If you do look for theme, look for timeless themes that include alternate color or special editions like a holiday theme.

3. Superhero Toys

Superheros have been around for ages and children always seem drawn to heroic characters. Look for classic superhero action figures that represent the comic book versions of the characters. Movie-based versions can represent a specific time, but the comic book designs often feature timeless design elements that can be sold years later.

Consider the basic action figure along with accessories like vehicles or bigger playsets. Stick with some of the more popular superhero companies like DC and Marvel when making your purchase.

Check out a liquidation center to see what kind of toys are available for sale. You could find lots with a mix of each toy category.