Finding The Best Handcrafted Trophy Belt Buckles — Questions To Ask

Posted on: 13 February 2023

Whether you are offering an award during a horse show or a wrestling event, a handcrafted trophy belt buckle is a prize to be treasured. However, making the best impression is only possible when you find the best company to make the buckle. Take a look at a few questions to ask to help you find the best. 

What kind of image format does the company accept?

When supplying images to be used on the custom buckle, you will need an image that is in a format the company can accept. For example, some crafters will only require that you supply a JPG image, which can be sent with your phone or computer. Others may need other file versions to work with, such as PDF files. Depending on your system, you may need a company that can accept a file in a certain format. 

How long does it take to complete a custom trophy buckle order?

Handcrafted trophy belt buckles can take some time to create because the design embellishments are added by hand. Therefore, you can expect several days of lead time with just about any provider. Nevertheless, some companies will have shorter lead times than others. If you need a buckle on a tighter timeline, it will be important to ask about how long the buckle will take in advance. 

Can the company create a logo or design for you?

If you do not have a specific logo or design made that you can share to be used when crafting the buckle, some companies have on-staff designers that can design something for you. Naturally, these specialty services will make the end cost higher. However, if you need design support, the added cost can be well worth it. 

Does the company require a deposit on custom belt buckles?

If you are ordering a buckle that comes at a significant cost, you can expect to have to pay a deposit when you place your order. The rest of the amount due will need to be paid with the buckle is finished and you approve the final product. However, some companies charge a deposit on all types of buckles while others simply require that all payments owed be paid upfront. 

What metals are used for overlay and backing?

Handcrafted trophy belt buckles can be made with an array of different materials. And, different service providers may have the capacity to work with certain materials while others may not. Therefore, if you are looking for a certain type of overlay or backing, this is something to ask when evaluating the best companies. For example, some crafters offer nickel or sterling silver backing or a gold overlay on certain components. 

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