Three Stylish Runner Rug Patterns

Posted on: 25 April 2023

A runner rug can be a good addition to many areas of your home, including hallways, bedrooms, and more. When you shop for this product, you'll often begin by looking for something that has the measurements that you need. In the case of using a runner rug in a hallway, for example, you'll typically want the runner to be a few inches narrower than the hallway. This will allow the flooring to be visible on each side of the runner. It's also important to choose a product that has a pattern that will suit the surrounding space. Here are three popular runner rug patterns that you'll find when you shop.


There are lots of different striped runner rugs on the market, and this design can be a popular choice for homeowners. Striped runner rugs are available in virtually every combination of colors, and you can expect to see a considerable discrepancy in the width of the stripes. Some of these runners use just two colors, while others contain a large number of hues that can help to give the runner — and the area around it — a vibrant appearance. Striped runners tend to have a clean, simple appearance that many people appreciate.


If you want a runner rug that offers more vibrancy, a product with a floral pattern may appeal to you. Many of these runners exist, featuring all sorts of different colors and depicting a wide variety of flowers. It's often possible to choose a design that features one or more specific flowers that you enjoy. If you love the look of roses and often have this flower growing in your garden, for example, you might like the idea of having a runner that features a rose design. Floral runners can often have a rustic and cozy feel that works well in many homes.


You'll also see a number of runner rugs that feature a plaid pattern. This look can work well in certain homes. If you have plaid curtains and/or plaid throw pillows, for example, you may find that a plaid runner works well. You'll likely want to choose a runner that has a similar plaid pattern to any other plaid examples that are in the area. While many plaid patterns are colorful, you'll occasionally find some that feature a combination of black, white, and gray hues. This look can work well in an area that has a modern look that features a lot of neutral colors.

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